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The concept of creating jewelry from children's artwork was first conceived while I was still in undergraduate school.  
My young daughter would often times come into the school studio with me and create charming drawings.  
The first drawing that really caught my eye was of our home.  This stoic, castle like structure whispered to me:  
"Create me out of silver".  My first attempts to capture the whimsical quality of the drawing were sophomoric at best.  
After many years of perfecting my craft, I again approached my children's drawings.  This time I had two more daughters 
to chose work from, as well as the skills of a master silver-smith.

The Family Necklace stemmed from this work.  I was looking for several things.  A piece of jewelry that was unique to me.  
A piece of jewelry that would reflect my family.  A piece of jewelry that did more than just replicate my child's artwork.  
I wanted a showpiece!  Olivia's Family did just that.  Everywhere I went, people remarked on the beautiful neck piece that 
I wore, and loved it even more when I told them it was my family as seen through the eyes of my youngest daughter.

I have always celebrated my children, and their individualities.  As their interests and hobbies grew, so did my creations.  Not only do I continue to hone my craft as a metalsmith, I now apply my skills as a seamstress to costuming, and to create award winning cosplay.  I am fortunate to have the studio, where I am able to love, design, and create - handcrafting one-of-a-kind, custom pieces.